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Traversing a room filled with a rainbow of color-coded Copic markers in one corner, a bouquet of various pencils in the opposite corner, paintbrushes and color palettes scattered along the floor, and finally a full sized draft table with white light in the center, the kaleidoscope of color and art supplies of where I spend most of my free time always shocks visitors. From acrylic painting to caricature to photography, I have always been mesmerized by the art world. It’s fascinating how my emotions could be evoked through the different strokes and rhythm of my pencils and paintbrushes. A satisfying, jovial day allows me to turn my white A2 paper into anything ranging from a Japanese style manga drawing to a night sky scenery full of stars. 

My room has always been filled with the alcoholic smell of Copic sketch marker stains-something most people would refer to as a pungent odor. I love it. I can never put into words how satisfying it is to witness vivid graphic-like colored ink to emerge from a manga artist’s tool (Copic sketch markers) onto a 120gram paper. The distinct smell of xylene on most of my pieces each portray a different story. Serendipity. Nothing has ever managed to get my attention the moment I touch my 6B pencil or Copic marker or watercolor paint brush. I exist in two worlds: the real world and my art world. 

During the onset of high school, I began to take art classes outside of school in a more serious manner and my drawing and painting skills developed more and more each day. With the never-ending amount of stories and emotions that touched me, I am surrounded by a continuous constellation of inspirations. Along the way I am proud that the endless hours spent paid off, as I received the highest marks in Thailand for the 2015 Art and Design IGCSE examination. I was honored to receive the CIE Outstanding Learner Award in Art and Design. Beyond the accolades, I am thankful for how art has lead me on a path to an infinite number of inspirations, making me able to turn by my own handwork into a solo art exhibition in the spring of 2017, “Infinite Inspires.”   

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