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The Lionheart Society

Member: 2014-present

Co-Leader: 2015-2018

The Lionheart Society is a group of students from Harrow International School of Bangkok. With intentions to help those who are less fortunate, to be of service to others who are in need and to be ambassadors of public awareness on environmental advocacy, collaboration among friends came about from October 2010. 

Our 5 main projects include: Teach to Reach, Green Earth, Veggies from the Heart, Paws for a Cause, and Lion Care. Aside from this, we also have many additional projects that vary from time to time. 

Joining as a member in August 2014, I followed my seniors’ footsteps, guidance, and advice in performing charitable acts. Their positive mindset has strongly inspired me to continue and take on the Lionheart Society in August 2015 as the Co-Leader once they have graduated. 

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No Erasers in Life 

(Lioncare 2016)

An Eye-Opening Activity

The Lioncare trip this year has surely been the highlight of the year so far (with lots more to come). Our main objective of this trip was to motivate the children and teenagers who are diagnosed with HIV, by giving them support in any way possible whether it is playing with them or even giving them school supplies and equipment. Surprisingly, it seems to me that the Lionheart Society members were the ones who have actually been taught by the enthusiastic children on how to live a positive life within the community.

What impressed me the most was the activity that the children were told to have a go with. This activity required each child to draw a line on the same piece of paper, which will then be passed on to one another. Of course, it turned out as a messy piece of paper with lines all over it. However, this wasn’t the end of the activity. The children were then told to draw more lines onto the paper, but this time they had to try and complete a drawing. In the end, we saw a variety of colorful drawings ranging from a cuddly tiger to an azure sky. The main point of this activity was to tell the children that there is no such thing as ‘an eraser in life’. You are unable to undo your actions in the past, no matter how hard you try-its impossible. Nobody has ever had the ability to predict and live by their ‘dream life’ nor choose who they want to be born as. This, fortunately, does not mean that you cannot live a happy life if your past has been a rough one. It means that you can live life at this present moment to its fullest potential by thinking positive and by appreciating and accepting all the things that you have.

On behalf of the Lionheart Society, we would like to spread the idea of positive thinking as well as the idea that we all live in one big community, since what we all have been given with is already our rightful privilege in which we have to learn to appreciate and live with. This trip has truly been remarkable and I hope that our words and actions will have inspired you to feel good about yourselves and the world you live in now.

Proddy S.


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