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Content creation for Boston's renowned Italian restaurant: MIDA

As part of a digital marketing project, my team and I had the opportunity to assist MIDA with their online presence by creating three content videos that captures the restaurant's identity. We focused on the "friendly neighborhood" aspect of MIDA. Therefore, the videos tell the story of the MIDA by connecting the guests with food, beverages, and the community in South End.

I assisted my team by being the photographer and videographer for the production.

MIDA: Service
Image by Patrick Perkins

Initial Planning

MIDA: Image

Site Visit

Location: 782 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118

MIDA: Text
MIDA: Pro Gallery

Content Creations

MIDA: Text

Connecting through Drinks

MIDA: Video

Connecting through Food

MIDA: Video

Connecting with the Community

MIDA: Video
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