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Booze & Boba

Offering potential F&B opportunities to officials within the Fenway area of Boston

Idea proposed: Full service restaurant with a traditional Taiwanese concept. Boba tea will also be available with alcohol content.

Advanced Restaurant Management Course Project

Booze & Boba: Clients

Area Zoning

Our team began the project by carefully examining the area of focus for the potential F&B opportunity. This was done through the use of the zoning viewer available on the Boston Planning and Development Agency website.

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Floor Plans

After we were given the floor plans, we expanded our research on the business activities surrounding the place. The businesses ranged from sports to leisure to restaurants. We decided to propose the idea of alcoholic boba to fulfill the demands of the college population as well as those in the workforce. This concept was inspired by one successful boba place in New York called Bubbleology.

floor plans.jpg
Booze & Boba: About

Site Visit

Booze & Boba: About

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to continue with in-person classes. This meant our team project had to come to a halt. Our initial report can be found in the link below.

Booze & Boba: About
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